Apple’s iOS 4.3 update

This week Apple released the latest version of their iOS software for iPhones and iPad. For iPhone users, only iPhone 4 devices can use all the features – a typical move by Apple to keep only the most current devices able to receive all the features from these updates (you have to keep upgrading your devices to keep benefiting from the new features – sounds like a never-ending and expensive process and it is!)

AirPlay enhancements – you can now play your movies and slide shows on more devices, including the AppleTV link to your TV. Not everyone has an AppleTV and this feature is more of a boost to sell you yet another Apple device.

Faster Safari browsing – Apple claims web sites are processed at twice the speed.

Itunes sharing – you can now access home shared libraries on PCs and Macs on your iPhone via your WiFi network.

Personal HotSpot sharing on iPhone4 devices only.

iPad Switch customization options – you can now lock the iPad in portrait or landscape mode or use it for volume muting – choose your option under settings.

Checkout Apple’s iOS 4.3 information page here –


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