Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 9

The latest release is only available for Windows 7 machines. In keeping with it plan to tie the browser to the operating system, Microsoft explains why their browser benefits from only working with windows:

“We want browsing the Web to be a great experience, so that people keep choosing Windows to do it,” said Hachamovitch, explaining why IE is important to Microsoft.

“Web sites are going to need to tap into the power of the underlying  same way that applications do,” said Hachamovitch. “The way they do that is through the browser, and the way the browser is going to do that is through the operating system. So the world just changed.”

Microsoft’s claim that IE9 is the best browser on Windows rests largely on its hardware acceleration, technology that taps the graphics processor, or GPU, to handle some of the most processing-extensive chores, including composing the page. Microsoft has regularly trumpeted IE9’s GPU-based acceleration, first highlighting that feature when it demonstrated the browser nearly a year-and-a-half ago.

Other browsers, i.e. the upcoming Firefox 4, also offer hardware acceleration on Windows, as well as a more limited form on Mac OS X.

Remember, this browser will not work with XP. Even though 61% of windows users are still using XP, the only way to offer the full benefits for IE9 and ties to the OS is to limit it to Windows 7 operating systems.Remeber Windows XP is 10 years old and although stable, many improvements have been made to Windows 7 (also stable) and IE9 takes advantages of them.

Here’s what you can expect –
A new streamlined look – some say resembles Google’s Chrome minimalist user interface – makes the browser fade into the background and putting the web content at the forefront.

A new pinning feature where users can pin a site tot he windows 7 taskbar just as you pin applications to a taskbar (again not just pinning IE9 but individual websites for launching that site with a single click. Web authors need to take advantage of the pinning feature as well as jump lists to make this work. Currently Microsoft reports over 1,000 sites have taken advantage of this with more to come.

Better response time and rich graphics – the redesign takes advantage of the OS integration to produce higher definition video, truer colors all while using about 10% of the processing power.

Better privacy protection – an added level of control and choices about the information 3rd party web sites can potentially use to track your browsing activity.

Both 32-bit and 64 bit version are available from Microsoft’s new website –

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