OneNote PowerToy – Clean Notebook (Privatizer/Scrubber)

So many of you know I have talked up the benefits of OneNote. What you may not know, you can create a standard set of OneNote notebooks and distribute them to your staff – what better way to publish an employee manual, technical or information guidelines or other reference materials for your staff or partners, friends or relatives. To help with that function, there are two versions – one for OneNote 2007 and the other for OneNote 2010.

Simply stated, these tools will  remove author information and reset navigation points to make the notebook ready for distribution. Everything will have that professional look by removing all references to the edits made and changed data log, presenting it as a clean, publish ready version.

Simply stated, this add-in will allow you to prepare a notebook for distribution. When started it will do several things:

1.) Reset all navigation points to the top most page of each section, and the top most section of each section group.

2.) Removes selection from content so the cursor will be in the title box

3.) Clears Author and LastModifiedBy items .

This tool also includes a pair of registry files to toggle cleaning the names on or off. If you only want to move focus to the top of each page in a notebook, double-click the “DisableCleaning_Names.reg” file to leave the author names intact. To re-enable this functionality, click the “EnableCleaning_Names.reg” file. Cleaning the names is the default.

You can download these tools here:
OneNote 2010 version –

OneNote 2007 version –


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