Email Security

This is something you should send out to your staff. If you have any questions or need help, contact us.

Dear Staff:

As many of you know, email security is a primary concern. While most email messages are valid, some harmful emails continue to penetrate the email system. Our organization regularly receives emails from partners, the affiliated organizations, personal
email accounts and even other company email accounts where the email address displayed is not really the actual sender of the email. These types of emails are called spoofed emails. In addition, we are seeing an uptick in spear phishing attacks. In this case the email does not come from a company or partner address AND it has a link OR an attachment. Never click on the attachments or links for these types of messages. If you do accidentally click on a bad link, or open a bad attachment, contact Help Desk immediately. Shortly after you click on a bad link, or open a bad attachment, information can be stolen or compromised.

To help keep the system from being attacked and infiltrated, users should take extra care when deciding to open emails from people you know, especially if they have unexpected content, links or attachments or the subject seems odd for the
sender. You are the first line of defense in maintaining the integrity of our network – we need your help.

Do not click on any link, or open any attachment, unless you are absolutely positive it comes from a trustworthy source.


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