Laptops vs iPad – is there room for both?

As a user of both laptops and an iPad I can certainly related to the comments and points made in this link. Truth be told, I have PC and Mac laptops, an iPad and an iPhone. My recent addition was an iPad and I will tell you it is more an entertainment device rather than a work device. This is changing as I find more work related apps to use – mostly with presentation or conferencing appeal. I can’t say I would give up my Windows 7 laptops (yes I have more than one) especially given the software available and installed and the support requirements for my job and unavailable on Apple products. What the iPad and iPhone have done is reduced the need for using my Macbook and a much smaller percentage of Windows laptop time. Email continues to be the main benefit of the iPhone. I can get to all my email on the iPhone and keep in touch more often than any laptop. I believe a combination of laptop and iDevice is still the best solution for staying connected wherever you are.

So here’s the story I though you would enjoy reading – and why it may help you decide on what is best for you –



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