Mac SO X 10.7: Lion

Here’s a post from our friends at PC Magazine:

The next generation of OS X is expected to launch later this year, but Apple has provided a few sneak peeks at Lion. Lion borrows a lot from iOS, but that’s because iOS started out as a whittled down version of Mac OS X, so the tides have turned.

Upcoming features include AirDrop, a wireless file-sharing utility; a redesigned Mail app; Resume, which presents the OS and apps in the exact state at shutdown; Versions, which allows app developers to implement a feature that saves multiple snapshots of any document being worked on; and AutoSave, which does what its name suggests, saving documents automatically.

Interface tools include LaunchPad (which is like bringing the iPhone or iPad screen to the Mac), Mission Control, which replaces Spaces and Expose, and multitouch support.


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