Windows 8 in beta

 Just in case you missed the news, Microsoft is in beta testing with Windows 8. Release is set for this year!

The code was completely re-written with a couple of cool enhancements – I’m including the top three here but check out the screen shot and the link to all the rumored features at the bottom of this post.

1) Kinnect support. Apparently you no longer need your mouse and can use your system’s camera, along with the connect add-on, to have the system track your hand movements and move the mouse’s cursor for you. You may remember Microsoft trying to create the virtual keyboard, however, they apparently found the kinnect’s ability to track hand motion is a better solution.

2) Full voice command integration. You can now train the system to respond to your voice for all your commands. While dragon naturally speaking has offered this in the past, the difference here is the software will only recognize your voice. If others share your computer, each voice must be tied to an individual account.

3) iPad support. Microsoft is now including a jailbreak utility to replace the iOS on the ipad with the tablet version of Windows 8. You will no longer be tied down to Apple’s strict control of what programs you use and what music and video you can stream. You can now use the built-in windows Media Center to stream Netflix, CBS programming and Live internet TV just as you can on your PC!

Here’s a great desktop display showing some of the new layout and features:

Oh and just in case you didn’t know yet, April Fools!


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