Click, click, click – is that your hard drive failing?

One of the worst sounds we hear is that hard drive click sound. While familiar to us, you may not realize the sounds your drive may product to let you know “BACKUP UP IMMEDIATELY – your hard drive is failing”. Your first clue may be with the age of your system or where it is stored. While most systems will not experience hard drive failures in the first 5 years, this is not always the case. This is especially true if the ventilation around your computer is blocked by your desk, walls or other obstructions. Once the heat rises above 90 degrees inside the system, the hard drive life starts decreasing. We’ve even seen drives get over 130 degrees and fail within 6 months.

The lesson here is a simple one – keep the venting plates on your computer clean and able to get a steady flow of cooler air and pay attention to the sounds your hard drive makes. The whining, power cycling or clicking sounds are a big clue. These sounds are usually the first warning notifications you will receive. While they seem to creep into your life and you may not really pay attention to them, you shouldn’t discount them as a temporary and unusual sound that seems to go away for a while and comes back later. If you are hearing these sounds call for help and (we cannot say this enough) backup up your data, preferably on a regular basis.

Use an external drive for backup or use one of the cloud options as well, Dropbox is great for data under 100 mb. For larger stores of information, there is a new option to Dropbox – look for it in my next blog.

Better yet, use both an external hard drive and the cloud!


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