Apple IPhone & IPad – tracking your movements

In this world of never-ending connectivity, it should not surprise us all to know you are constantly being tracked and that information stored forever either in your device or by your cell carrier. Still, each time we her a new report or claim about this, it is still unnerving, especially when you realize the information is not encrypted and there is no evidence the information is secure or not being shared by apps or other companies. This story points out the ability to grab and store the information was only available once the phone’s software was upgraded to version 4 (iOS not the phone version), making it sound like a deliberate move by Apple to provide this as a benefit to developers, cell carriers and even Apple. Adding insult to injury – iDevices cannot have their batteries removed – the only way to make sure a device is really turned off. I’m sure iDevices are not the only ones gathering this information. To read the article, follow the link.


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