Microsoft Office 365 -Small Businesses Get Cloud Coverage

Many of our clients have used Microsoft Live’s free services for document sharing as well as other cloud offerings for testing out Exchange and SharePoint. Until now, these have been a cafeteria style of offerings with mixed logins and results. Each seemed to be Microsoft’s way of testing cloud computing for the business user. Microsoft has now brought together these services as a full service bundled package for small business users including email, SharePoint and Google Docs office collaborations but will all the security and none of the data mining you see in other services. While the official launch is still a couple of months away, the full featured Beta version is now available, although you have to pay for it. (Note: I hate asking people to pay for Beta – keep it free until launch and then let the user decide if they want to migrate full-time to the service!).

The following article points out some of the features and the pros and cons of the service. I do agree, if you have used Microsoft’s online offerings in the past, this will not seem as confusing as it will for a new user. The sign-up process and navigation during setup can be very confusing at first but will make sense once you get used to the interface. Click here to read the full article.


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