Microsoft launches free online security scan

Is it just me or is Microsoft really pushing out products to help the individual or small business? In the past, their focus was Enterprise and bigger is better. This week we’ve had the release of small business cloud computing and to further help home users, they are now offering a free online scanner for malware and viruses. This is a much better scanner than the standard monthly malware scan included in windows updates and compliments already installed security essentials suite and other vendor’s packages. You may remember the limitation using Microsoft’s free suite of security essentials – it simply will not install if you already have a fully functional antivirus/anti-spam software setup. This free scanner is a great add-on to your existing system security scans. Since it does install on your system, you will be prompted to re-download the software if your download was installed more than 10 days prior to your scan request. It is a large download so use it only when needed – if you suspect you are infected – especially with all the new fake antivirus warnings out there.  Just follow the link below to scan your system. Now if they would only shorten the URL to something we can all remember.


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