Smart Image Resize Tool (free version available!)

Here’s a tool to not only resize your image but actually can compress the image without distorting the entire image. When we talk about image resizing there are generally two things we talk about.

  1. Cropping the image – this results in a picture with the removal of parts of the imaging, usually the top, bottom or sides of an image, to highlight and remove unnecessary parts to make the picture fit or to highlight only certain parts of the picture.
  2. Actually changing the dimensions of the picture, usually making it smaller in size, pixels and clarity.

This program works on making a picture appear to be cropped but does not actually cut out any of the picture to achieve this result. Instead, you load one your pictures, mark around the subjects that you want to preserve, choose the pictures new dimensions and then click the “start” button and watch an animated display as your photo is cleverly resized while leaving the marked areas untouched. The area outside your marked area is compressed in size but not cropped.I’ve included two photos, one the original and next the cropped picture. only the castle was marked as safe. You should see the ridges on the mountain are still the same ridges but it has been compressed to fit the new picture dimensions.


Resized version

To make it easy, there’s a collection of animated tutorials that you can access when you run the program, which guide you through all of its features. I recommend that you watch them.

Make sure you use the link on the bottom of the page – not the one at the top. The free version as the link is on the bottom but you have to scroll down to find it.


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