BlackBerry Devices – why you remove the battery

Every once in a while, I am reminded to post a tip I think is obvious. It is not because it should be obvious for everyone it is only because I tell people about it all the time. One of these tips involves removing your BlackBerry’s battery. This will solve most problems with your phone’s operation. Whether it is the inability to receive or send email, text messages or simple navigation of your calendar or contacts, take the battery out will solve the problem.  Many people don’t ask why and they forget this solved a problem last time. Usually people wait until they are frustrated. I feel for you. Nothing can be more frustrating. These SmartPhone devices have become an extra computer we use to stay in touch and get our work done. 

Here is why the battery removal works – Simply stated, the BlackBerry does not really turn off when you press and hold down the power button. Instead the BlackBerry goes in to a kind of hibernation. It can never be turned off by any combination of buttons or commands. The only way to turn off the BlackBerry is by removing the battery. Once removed, it reboots the device after the battery is put back in and the device turned on.

You see, many of the problems mentioned above are all created by the device memory being full or not enough free contiguous memory blocks to carry out the command. As with a PC, rebooting takes care of those issues. So next time you are frustrated with your BlackBerry, try removing the battery and rebooting the device. If that doesn’t work or if you forget about this quick tip, contact us – we are always here to help you.


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