Skype Security Patch for Mac

After a security researcher publicized a vulnerability in the Mac version of Skype, the company revealed plans to release a public fix next week.

Gordon Maddern of security research firm Pure Hacking published news of a “Skype 0day vulnerability” on his blog earlier this week, though he declined to release details of the exploit until after Skype fully resolves the issue.

Skype responded by noting that it had released a quick fix in mid-April and will issue another update early next week.

According to Maddern, the vulnerability could allow a maliciously crafted Skype message to gain control of a Mac. Maddern discovered the vulnerability about a month ago and notified Skype of the issue.

News of the Skype vulnerability came as the second security concern for Macs this week. It was revealed on Monday that a malicious software dubbed “MACDefender” attempts to automatically download itself via JavaScript. However, the threat was categorized as low because users must still agree to install the software and provide a password.


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