Adobe releases Flash Player 10.3 update

Adobe has released the latest update for Flash Player, version 10.3. The update works with all Flash-enabled platforms, including Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Android, with support for the most recent 3.1 update to Honeycomb. You can nab the download on the web at or through Android Market on your mobile device.

The latest Flash update fixes bugs and makes things work more smoothly. On the Android side, that means NEON optimizations for OMAP4-based devices (pretty much just the BlackBerry PlayBook for now), various fixes for the Samsung Galaxy S, HTC EVO and some Motorola devices and some optimizations for Android 3.0+. All of the fixes are detailed on Adobe’s Android patch notes page. There are a variety of fixes on the non-mobile side as well, along with new features.

In addition to some new developer tools for measuring video and acoustic echo cancellation, there are also now new controls for managing local storage that have been integrated directly into your browser’s privacy settings, with support for Mozilla Firefox 4, Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and higher, Google Chrome 11 and “a future release of Apple Safari.” The update also adds a dedicated Flash Player Settings Manager to Control Panels/System Preferences on Windows, Mac and Linux computers, and auto-updated notifications for Mac OS.


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