Make your Excel data pop with conditional formatting

You’ve got your numbers input and organized but they still don’t jump out at the people who look at your worksheet. You want to give them the big picture at a quick glance. This is where conditional formatting can help.

The Microsoft provided workbook samples below show three examples of conditional formatting. The first two examples use easy to apply built-in formats, and the third example uses a rule based on criteria that you define and apply by using a formula.

Example 1 is a graded color scale:

Graded Color Scale

Here is the formula

Formula for Graded Color Scale

Example 2 is an Icon Set:

Icon Set

Here is the formula:

Formula for Icon Set

Example 3 is a custom formula:

Custom Formula

Formula for the custom formatting:

Formula for Custom formatting

So my advice is to try some tests of your own to see what kind of formatting might help display your data so others can see the impact you are trying to make. Give it a try and let us know what you think.


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