Adjust the Display Colors in Windows 7

These days we have a richness of color in what we display on our computers. Mega-pixel photos and high-definition video are among the things that put a high demand on the computer display. Correct color calibration is more important than ever and Windows 7 comes with a new tool for making display colors look better.

Display Color Calibration Wizard in Windows 7

This utility helps you to calibrate your screen using your monitor’s display controls as well as various Windows settings. With Display Color Calibration, you can configure gamma, brightness, contrast, color balance, and other settings, all of which are explained in the on-screen descriptions.

One way to open Display Color Calibration is from Control Panel-Appearance and Personalization-Display. A quicker way is to type “dccw” (without quotes) in the Start menu search box and press Enter.

Display Color Calibration opens as a full-screen application that leads you through various steps of adjusting your display. A partial screenshot of one of the settings is shown in the figure below.

If you have a  graphics processor from a manufacturer like Nvidia or ATI, you may also have display controls provided by the manufacturer. This wizard can be used in conjunction with these controls


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