MultiPoint Server adds Split Screen

We think Windows MultiPoint Server is one of the most interesting small product groups at Microsoft right now. They have an innovative solution built on top of Windows Server that does a superb job at reducing the complexities of their technology with potentially huge implications for multiseat computing in the long-term.

Exactly a year after their first release, the team just announced their new version, Windows MultiPoint Server 2011. The new release adds an array of management and collaboration features along with support for LAN-connected and traditional RDP clients, however one particular feature stands out from all the rest, “split screen”.

What split screen enables is the ability to allow an additional user with their own keyboard and mice to share one screen with another user, side-by-side like in a game. Obviously this isn’t an ideal way to use a PC, but it is a great way to make the most of available resources in an environment where the budget never seems to be enough.

So you might ask, what exactly is MultiPoint Server?

With Windows MultiPoint Server, a single computer supports multiple users at the same time, each working independently using their own monitor, keyboard and mouse and with a familiar Windows computing experience. The targeted audience is Schools. With MultiPoint Server schools can provide more students with access to the latest technology, even with limited budgets.By providing schools with fewer physical computers and a single integrated point of management, Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 is much easier to manage and support. Simple setup and access to expert support by Microsoft and our authorized partners mean limited IT resources gain the confidence they need to manage resources effectively in a challenging environment.

We could actually see this technology used for any afterschool resource, intern workstation hubs or even for other shared services, limited area setups, i.e. receptions desks in Medical offices, Libraries and more.

Check out this video to watch how it works:




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