Electricity-free Bamboo Speaker for iPhone 4

So here is the email our friend Jason sent us – this really is kind of cool (and green too!) Bamboo isn’t just for your floors anymore!

The iBamboo speaker makes use of the naturally resonant properties of bamboo to provide zero-electricity amplification for the iPhone 4. Yeah, you could get more gadgets to go with your gadget, but this is probably cooler — no wires, no energy use, and it adds as much Zen cool to your desk as a tiny portable waterfall (which would need to be plugged in anyway).

The inventor is looking for patrons on Kickstarter — he’s already gotten enough backers for the project to be funded, but you can still pledge your support and secure yourself a spot as an early adopter. A $25 donation (probably about what they would cost on the market) gets you one of the first speakers off the assembly line, plus the warm pleasant feeling of backing a super cool project.



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