Google’s Black Navbar

Google recently rolled out a design change to their search interface. The navigation at the top linking to several Google properties, a user’s Google account and other Google services has a new black background and grey font colors. This new design change has been rolled out to and all country specific Google domains. You do not only find it on search pages, but other Google properties that display the bar at the top.

The contrast to the white page is extreme, and there are certainly users who would like to switch back to the original all white page layout. If you don’t like the new bar and depending on the browser you use, you can change it back to the white bar -here’s an article from the userscripts web site:

Google Light Navbar restores the original white nav bar and blue font color on all Google pages. You can download it from here –

The userscript works in the Firefox web browser, Google Chrome and Opera. Chrome users can simply install the script right away on the script project page.

Firefox users need to install Greasemonkey or Scriptish first before they can do so. Both are add-ons for the web browser that add userscript support to it. The install button becomes active after one of the add-ons has been installed in the Internet browser.

Opera users finally need to specify a director on their computer where they put their userscripts in. This is done with a click on Opera > Settings > Preferences > Advanced > Content > JavaScript Options and the selection of a directory under browse. They then need to download the script and put it into the designated directory on their computer. The script works right away without restart. You may need to reload the Google page however in case it has already been open in the browser.


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