Microsoft Touch Mouse – SDK Now available, Mouse to follow

Hot on the heels of the Kinect SDK, Microsoft Research is releasing another software development kit (SDK) for a Microsoft natural user interface product. This time, developers will get to tinker with the multi-touch functionality of the (yet-to-be-released) Microsoft Touch Mouse. (Really COOL mouse!)

The 32bit/64bit SDK includes both C# and C++ code samples consuming the Microsoft TouchMouseSensor API which outputs a 13×15 grayscale pixel sensor image from the integrated sensor of the mouse itself. Third party developers can then use this image to detect gestures and other multi-touch events.

Although the tiny sensor and non-commercial license will limit the scope of third-party uses for this device, but making available an SDK even before the product’s launch is a notable effort to allow developers to experiment with NUI computing without resorting to brute-force hacks.


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