LinkedIn also targeted

Another recent redirection attack involved both Facebook and the business-related social networking site, LinkedIn. The attack began with a wall post with the subject, ‘The Video That Just Ended Justin Bieber’s Career For Good!’ Clicking the URL in the wall post creates a similar wall post on the affected users’ accounts.

A security warning from Facebook stops access to the site but users who continue on to see the ‘video’ are instead led to a video player-like interface that shows Justin Bieber’s image. Trying to play the video via this interface by clicking the Play button redirects users through JS_FBJACK.D to a survey page that they need to complete before they can watch the said video.

What’s noteworthy about this attack is the fact that the URL is connected to LinkedIn. Using a legitimate URL allows cybercirminals to evade URL filters and to reach their targets.

Stay vigilant and stay safe
While these recent Facebook and LinkedIn attacks may seem harmless, remember that cybercriminals can easily redirect you to more malicious pages like those that automatically download malware onto your systems. Skype’s recent hookup with Facebook also brings to light another trusted brand that cybercriminals will try to exploit.

In light of this, remain vigilant and skeptical about everything you see on Facebook or on any other social networking site. Instead of immediately clicking items of interest, research and verification through official information channels such as helpdesks, news sites, and popular blogs are a must.


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