Mozilla and the Enterprises Environment

After alienating corporate IT departments with its rapid release policy for Firefox, Mozilla wants to patch things up by re-establishing a group to handle enterprise concerns.

Having adopted a rapid release cycle for Firefox that left businesses in the dust and argued through its executives that enterprises ought to “change how they think about software rollout” if they want to keep up with modern browser development, Mozilla left many corporate IT departments with the impression that the open source browser company didn’t care about their concerns.

Statements like “Enterprise has never been (and I’ll argue, shouldn’t be) a focus of ours,” offered by Firefox community coordinator Asa Dotzler, did little to alter that impression, much to the delight of Microsoft, which saw in Mozilla’s full-speed ahead strategy an opportunity to win back the loyalty of organizations that had defected from Internet Explorer to Firefox in recent years.

Things were never as dire for enterprises as they might have seemed. Mike Shaver, VP of technical strategy at Mozilla–the one urging enterprises to rethink their commitment to glacial software deployment–made it clear Mozilla was open to discussing enterprise concerns, even if past efforts to accommodate enterprises hadn’t been entirely successful.

On Tuesday, Mozilla made its commitment more explicit. Acknowledging the controversy that has swirled around its adoption of a rapid release cycle, Mozilla on its blog reiterated its need for speed–lest it be left to eat the dust kicked up by competitors Apple, Google, and Microsoft–and simultaneously asserted that it cares about Firefox users wherever they are.


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