Adobe lists bugs in Apple’s Mac OS X Lion

The downloadable Mac OS X 10.7 Lion upgrade is littered with bugs according to the firm, causing us to wonder whether we should just carry the office Mac over to the window and encourage it to defenestrate itself. Of course it is worth remembering that Apple and Adobe don’t get on particularly well.

A blog post published by the firm is headed, “Lion tamers” and paints a rather unfortunate picture of IT administrators struggling with the upgrade.

“The cat is out of the bag! Mac OS X 10.7 aka Lion is roaming the streets and you brave Mac IT admins have been deemed Lion Tamers by the public at large. Or at least by me. I’ve managed a few OS compatibility assessments in my past and it is no easy task to gather up all the necessary info from the software publishers that are used in your environment, run/coordinate testing, etc,” wrote the firm’s Jody Rodgers.

“You are seeking the cold hard facts while a percentage of your users are barging down the door to upgrade due to justifiable work reasoning such as ‘shininess’.”

So, Adobe has published a long list of problems that include issues with scrolling, crashing, and application quitting, none of which look particularly good on paper.

Over at the security firm Sophos, Paul Ducklin is concerned that a just released Safari update makes no mention of the new Lion OS and therefore means that new users could be concerned about whether it applies to them and whether they should install it.

Apple’s new version of Safari patches 58 significant flaws


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