A Better Browser? Firefox 6 Is Out, 7 and 8 Are Coming

According to PCMag.com,  Firefox 6 will now speed up its startup time for those with a ton of tabs and groups: Users will be able to decide whether they want to load up all of their tab groups at the browser’s launch, or load these tabs up within the browser’s Panorama grouping tool.

The new browser also adds a permissions tool to set site-specific permissions for passwords, cookies, pop-ups and more.
If it feels like Firefox 5 only just came out, you’re right: The group behind development of the browser announced in March a new release schedule focused on steady, incremental releases as frequently as every 6 weeks.

Does this mean Firefox 7 will be here shortly? Indeed, and one developer describes it as ” lean and fast.”

In fact, Mozilla is well underway planning which features will make it into Firefox 8 as well. A post on the Mozilla Engineering Newsletter blog spells it out: “We’re coming to the end of the Firefox 8 development cycle,” the post reads. “The penultimate week of Firefox 8 development included over 430 changes resolving 235 bugs and features.”


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