Salesforce Pushes “Social Enterprise”

At its Dreamforce conference in San Francisco this morning, announced a number of new products in what it called the “social enterprise” and indicated a push toward HTML 5 as its method for delivering mobile applications.

To create a social enterprise, companies need a new database with “deep customer profiles,” an employee social network, and a customer and product social network.

For creating the customer database you will need an upcoming version of Salesforce (known as Winter 12, due this fall). It lets users follow their customers on LinkedIn, Twitter, and FaceBook., a cloud-based database for storing and accessing information about customers is now ready for shipment.

For the employee social network, Salesforce pushed its Chatter application with new extensions including Chatter Now, which adds presence, chat (instant messaging), and screen sharing features. Other tools include the Chatter Connect API to hook into other systems, like SharePoint, in-line filters, and workflow approvals. Most impressive, a new feature, called Chatter Customer Groups, lets an enterprise allow its customers to securely participate in Chatter conversations.


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