Quick check to see if you are infected by the Conficker Worm

A recent episode on NPR had us thinking – is this worm still around? Apparently so and it is still lurking in many computer systems around the world. This is one of the most damaging worms for computer systems and the internet in general. This program covered many aspects of the worm’s potential and real damage as well as answering the question – aren’t Mac’s immune from infection? as well as the answer – a resounding no – but more bugs are written for the Windows operating systems only because of the huge installed base of systems using Windows, especially in China. If MAC OSX continues to become more popular, it will eventually become a target. It would be a worthwhile program for anyone to read or listen to and I’m posting the link below. In the meantime, if you want to know if you are infected, follow this link for the quick test – if you can see all 6 images, you are clean. Please note the bit about proxy servers not allowing this test to work.


Here is the complete program  – The Worm that Could Bring Down the Internet






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