IOS 5 Update – a lesson from an impatient user

After 2 failed attempts to download the update yesterday, I can report many of the download problems have been solved, at lease as of 6 am this morning.

That said, please know that the upgrade process is full of steps and decisions you must make to get your device back to normal.

First, make sure you back up your device. Once you install the software, you will see the notifications about restoring your device to Factory Settings. You will also see notifications about failures and errors in iTunes after the restoration. All these warnings about the device failure, the failure to communicate or restore can mostly be ignored.

You will be prompted to set up your device from the beginning – selecting a language, a network to connect to (choose your wi-fi), your method of synching (iCloud or iTunes – choose iTunes for now to enable you to restore your settings to your device) and location services (note – if you say no to allowing apps to know where you are and collecting this information, they will just keep asking you until you say yes)

You will then start the restore process from your iTunes backup. It will tell you it takes 4 min but you will see nothing has been restored after that time. Instead, the synching process has just begun, even though your device will allow you to use it instead of the old way – locking your device from use and only allowing you to cancel it if you need to take that call.

If you do as I did, and actually remove the plug since it appears nothing is happening and you are impatient, you will have to reconnect the device and resume the restore. It takes time so just leave it alone and let it do it’s thing.

I should have full access any moment now… I hope!


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