Mobile Security: Small Devices, Big Threat

According to the 2010 Annual US Cost of a Data Breach study 35% of US organizations reported that a lost or stolen mobile device caused a data security breach. Increasingly, employees use their laptops, Androids, iPads and other personal mobile devices for work and blend their unprotected devices with business data. This introduces even greater risk to an organization’s data, network and reputation. Feature-rich mobile devices are blurring the line between phones, tablets and computers. And, users are placing demands on IT to use the device of their choice. So how can your organization enable your users while securing these devices from malware and data loss? The answer may be in the Sophos publication, 7 Tips for Securing Mobile Workers. We are making available to our clients, if you are interested in a copy, please contact Steve Cline (scline at to get your copy.

It covers:

  • Build a successful enterprise strategy for mobile security
  • Educate employees about their personal responsibilities
  • Raise end-user awareness about emerging threats and corporate mobile device security policies
    Proactively prevent mobile security breaches

Here are some great tips for you from this publication:

Insufficient passwords
Using passwords and a watchful eye is the smartest way to keep the data on your smartphone from falling into the wrong hands.

Malicious Apps
Malicious code that steals data from your mobile phone for fun and profit? They exist, and Droid Dream is just one example.

Lack of Mobile Provider Patching
To avoid malicious apps and other cyberthreats that target smartphones, make sure your device has the latest software patches.



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