Carrier IQ Rootkit Logs Everything On Millions Of Phones

If you use an Android, BlackBerry, or Nokia smartphone then you may be at risk of being illegally wire tapped by Carrier IQ–a provider of performance monitoring software for Smart Phones. A “rootkit” is software that hides itself while utilizing privileged access like watching your every move.

Earlier this month a user named Trevor Eckhart announced that he found software, made by Carrier IQ, that may be logging your every move on your mobile phone. He found that the application IQRD, made by Carrier IQ, was running on his phone and he could not kill or force stop the app.He also noted the app runs everytime his phone was turned on.

After connecting his HTC device to his computer he found that IQRD is secretely Key logging every single button that he clicks on the phone, even the touch screen number pad. IQRD is also shown to be logging text messages. He was also able to show that Carrier IQ is also logging web searches. While this doesn’t sound all that bad by itself, what’s creepy about it is that Carrier IQ is logging what happens during an HTTPS connection which is suppose to be encrypted information. Additionally, it can do this over a Wi-Fi connection with no 3G; so even if your phone service is disconnected IQRD still logs the information.

Carrier IQ’s Mobile Intelligence platform is currently deployed with more than 150 million devices worldwide. Paul Ohm, a former Justice Department prosecuter and professor at the University of Colorado Law School, stated that this isn’t just creepy, but it’s also likely grounds for a class action lawsuit against a federal wiretapping law.

Unfortunately, this software is a real pain to remove. If you don’t want to be tracked and your device has Carrier IQ on it then your only option may be to erase and reinstall your OS.


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