Windows 8 rumored to complete this summer for October launch

We all know that Windows 8 is coming, and many computer makers have big plans for using the operating system in a new generation of tablets to challenge the iPad. People claiming to have knowledge of Microsoft’s schedule are saying that Windows 8 will be finished this summer and will go on sale around October. The October window for launch would be no surprise with the holiday shopping season coming shortly thereafter.

So far, it has been reported that the Windows 8 rollout will include devices using Intel processors and ARM processors. Many people are hoping that Windows 8 machines using ARM processors will be cheaper than those running Intel parts. However, the sources claim there will be under five ARM devices available when Windows 8 launches while there are over 40 set to be available with Intel parts inside.

Analysts are saying if Microsoft misses the September to October launch window, Windows 8 tablets and computers won’t be able to ship in 2012. Rumors also state three of the available Windows 8 devices using ARM processors will be tablets. If fewer than five devices with ARM processors running Windows 8 will come at launch, that leaves room for only one notebook with ARM hardware.


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