Keeper Password & Data Vault

This app was recommended by one of our clients. It was interesting enough to pass on the information and give you a review.

Remember back in the good old days when you could make your password be “password” and no automated system could deny you this unalienable right? Nowadays it’s all about capitals, numbers, symbols, and whatnot. I can barely remember my usernames, let alone all these military encryptions.

The app is Keeper Password & Data Vault, an app that saves all your passwords onto your mobile phone. At first, this seemed a bit too much like putting all your eggs in one basket. However, the program is guarded by a master password, which I recommend not being “password”. If you get the password wrong five times depending on your setting, the program destructs your secrete data on your device and your passwords safe… is in a twisted sort of way.

The layout of Keeper is as simplistic as its purpose. Keeper requires you to put each entry into a folder, which is nice, but I would rather it not be mandatory. After selecting a folder, you need to add a title for each entry, together with other data such as login ID, password (duh), login URL, and notes. When imputing your ID and password, you can choose to have Keeper make a randomized credential. This code is complicated enough you would certainly need this app to remember it.

Once the code is input, it is saved to your local storage. When viewing your app page, merely touching the ID or password will save it to your clipboard, which is nice since selecting words on a touchpad can sometimes be finicky.

There is not much else to this app. While Keeper only functions within narrow tasks, it does those tasks well. Keeper can back up your passwords to a protected server, but sadly this feature and other advanced options are available only on the paid version.



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