New Sharing Features from Dropbox

You may have seen a recent email from DropBox about new restrictions for sharing folders. In the past, if you shared a folder with someone else, they could, in turn, share it with a third party. This made it difficult to trust sharing folders with groups of people you did no have complete confidence in to not share this folder with other people outside your group. Now, it appears, DropBox has addressed this issue and will allow you to set the security on shared folders to prevent users from allowing others to gain access.

This feature will be available through a check-box labeled ‘Allow members to invite other people’ within the shared folder options. You can limit sharing with existing shared folders as well as any shared folders you create in the future. If you’re not currently
the owner of your shared folder, the current owner can transfer ownership to you by following the steps at

Members will still be able to create links to files within the shared folder.


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