Windows 8 Compatibility Check – Issues we have discovered

Recently, we’ve had a couple of users ask us to upgrade their laptops to Windows 8. During the process, a couple of compatibility issues have appeared and seem to be common issues. I am listing the most common, what they mean and what you can do.

DVD Player Applications

Windows 8 is not compatible with certain versions of DVD player software. These include WinDVD, CyberDVD and other programs usually bundled with your laptop. If you don’t need a fancy DVD player or have used VLC Media player, this is the solution for you.

Secure Boot isn’t compatible with your PC

Let me explain what Secure Boot is and why this is only available on newer system. Secure boot attempts to protect the PC against boot loader attacks, which can compromise a system before the OS even loads. Secure boot is actually a feature of Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI), a new type of boot environment that has gradually been replacing the standard BIOS process. Windows 8 taps into UEFI’s secure boot to ensure that the pre-OS environment is safe and secure.

Secure Boot should not be used if you plan on having a dual-boot environment, i.e. selecting Windows or Linux when you start your computer. You are also limited to using certified drivers for your hardware. If you get a message saying your driver is not signed by Microsoft, as some 3rd party and beta drivers are, you cannot use Secure Boot.

Screen Resolution is not compatible with Snap

If your screen does not support a 1366 x 768 resolution, you cannot use Snap. This resolution is typical of a wide-screen monitor and some laptops do not have support for this size. Snap is the ability to pin your applications to the left side of the screen to quickly switch and access them, a great feature given the tablet nature of Windows 8. If you have used an iPhone or iPad, you know switching from one app to another requires returning to the home screen to load the other app. While you can easily see running apps by pressing the home button twice, you still have to leave the app to see running apps. For example switching between email and your browser, for example, requires you to return to the home screen to launch apps each time you want to switch between them. With Snap, you swipe the left side of your screen (with mouse or finger) to see and switch to any running app.

Bluetooth Software is not compatible

Most installed software is not compatible and has to be upgraded or removed until an update is made available.

Symantec Endpoint Protection is not compatible

While Norton single user/home product has released a compatible version for Windows 8, corporate users and enterprise users will have to wait for Symantec’s version of its popular Endpoint Protection.

If you use Endpoint Protection, and you are willing to purchase a home use product (or are allowed to by corporate policy), go ahead and remove Endpoint Protection and install Windows 8. Otherwise, you will have to wait until they release a compatible version.

So that’s it! These are the most common issues we have seen so far.


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